Snapshot of KTX.Finance (KayTeeX) Current Testnet Situation

KTX.Finance Testnet Achievement

KTX.Finance Testnet is Ongoing

KTX.Finance Testnet is live since 9th January 2023 and the team is humbled by the overwhelming response from our community right from the start. With the feedback portal found at the top of our Testnet trading page, Team KTX listens and works hard behind the scene to improve the trading latency and user experience on our protocol.

KTX.Finance has hit $1 Billion in Total Trading Volume

KTX.Finance has hit $1 Billion in Total Trading Volume on BSC Testnet in less than 3 weeks since the launch of Testnet. We have over 1,200 unique users, 15k+ trade orders placed and gathered more than 350 feedbacks and improvements. These numbers are still growing and are strong testimony to our strong community made up of contributors and advocates of KTX.Finance protocol.

Features we have improved

Some of the features KTX.Finance has improved:

  1. KTX.Finance stats dashboard
  2. Improved Oracle feed for real time, aggregated prices over 6 exchanges — Binance, Bitfinex, OKX, Kucoin, Kraken and Coinbase
  3. Enhanced version of Tradingview chart
  4. Bugs on UI such as leverage input and checker and smart contract improvement

New improvement on the way

Beside addressing the concerns of our testers, Team KTX is also rolling out an unique leader-board on KTX.Finance page which we can consistently run future trading competitions and giveaways with. Concurrently, Team KTX is working hard to come out with the complex order functions to further enhance the entire trading experience for our KTX.Finance community.

KTX.Finance Testnet will be perpetually ongoing until Mainnet launches in Q1 2023. Traders can backtest their trading strategy, feedback to improve KTX.Finance protocol and earn rewards while consistently trading on KTX.Finance Testnet.

Stay tuned on all our social platforms for announcement of upcoming campaigns!

More information on KTX.Finance Mainnet launch and token related products will be announced shortly.

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