Product Upgrade: My Portfolio Page 🔖

Your personalized trading & yield farming portfolio tracker

We are thrilled to announce the launch of “My Portfolio,” an exciting new feature designed to provide our users and traders with comprehensive insights into their asset status, profitability, and transaction history on our platform. This addition aims to empower our audience with a deeper understanding of their trading journey.

The “My Portfolio” feature offers the following key functionalities:

  1. Comprehensive display of current asset status, asset distribution, and profitability.
  2. Detailed presentation of cumulative trading data and profitability on our platform, accompanied by insightful graphical analysis across different time periods.
  3. Access to a rich historical record, encompassing transactions, staking, and rewards, to facilitate in-depth user data analysis.
  4. Seamless sharing capabilities, enabling users to effortlessly showcase their platform earnings.

We are excited about the opportunities this feature brings to our users, and we are committed to providing a robust trading experience that places valuable insights at the forefront of their journey.

“My Portfolio” encompasses six distinct pages, each tailored to enhance user engagement and analytical capabilities:

1. Overview
A comprehensive account snapshot, including contract accounts, staking accounts, and position details.

2. Portfolio
Insightful investment income analysis for informed decision-making.

3. Positions
Real-time visibility into current positions and unrealized gains or losses.

4. Staking
Detailed statistics on staked KTC and KLP, along with earnings and vesting esKTC data.

5. Rewards
Comprehensive data on activity-based rewards, more to be added soon 👀

6. History
A complete archive of contract transactions, swaps, KLP Pool activities, KTC staking, and rewards.

Looking ahead, our roadmap includes the optimization of the following elements in the upcoming version:

  1. Enhanced tracking of staking fee rebate transactions.
  2. Comprehensive display of full-chain data for a more holistic user experience.

And there you go! We’ll keep crafting up new and exciting ways for you to enjoy the best user experience on KTX, so stay tuned, as we keep pushing up and to the right for the rest of this bull market!

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