Presenting $KTC’s Utility Guide! 🪙

Everything you need to know about $KTC

There are few better times in Crypto to start taking notice of tokens with utility than right now! We’ve obviously spoken at length about KTC’s utility a few different times, but this will be the ultimate guide to all things KTC!

So without further ado, grab your pew and get ready for a crash course to $KTC !

Humble Beginnings 🥚

KTC, which stands for KTX.Finance Community Tokens, are the governance/utility tokens for the KTX protocol. KTC began on May 23, 2023 with a launch on Binance Smart Chain and has since been deployed on Arbitrum and Mantle, with more on the way!

Where should we go next?

KTC Staking Utilities

Now let’s really hammer home all the various ways KTC provides you, the user, with opportunity and utility just by existing!

The KTC token is an extension of KTX’s success as a perps platform so any improvements and upgrades made to the protocol benefit holders/stakers of KTC natively.

But KTX writer guy, can you explain further?? Gladly!

Staking Yields ⚒️

KTC stakers earn 30% of the protocol’s trading fees paid out in the respective token of the chain the user is using, so ETH for Arbitrum/Mantle and BNB for BSC.

So stands to reason that anytime the protocol experiences a huge uptick in fees, KTC stakers get much higher yield! We’ve seen APRs in the 100% and up for weeks at a time!

This gives stakers a unique opportunity to participate in the success of KTX as we go deeper into the bull market.

There is also something called esKTC that you earn in various ways by using KTX.

esKTC stands for escrowed KTC, which means that these tokens cannot be sold until they undergo a gradual change into liquid KTC tokens. They also function in the same way as KTC, earning the same yield as liquid KTC does.

This vesting schedule was recently alleviated with the launch of trKTC which we will go over in depth shortly!

If that wasn’t enough for you dear Reader, there’s more!

Trading Fee Discounts 💲

As a KTC staker, you also can earn discounts on your trading fees! This will scale up depending on amount staked but save you up to 30%!

Here’s what that looks like:

VIP 1 🥉

  • Min 200 KTC Staked
  • Trading Fee Rebates (in USDT) 2.5%
  • Trading Fee Discounts 2.5%

VIP 2 🥈

  • Min 1,000 KTC Staked
  • Trading Fee Rebates (in USDT) 5%
  • Trading Fee Discounts 2.5%

VIP 3 🥇

  • Min 10,000 KTC Staked
  • Trading Fee Rebates (in USDT) 20%
  • Trading Fee Discounts 10%
  • Having at least 10k KTC gives you a direct line of communication to the core team
  • Opportunity to do OTC deals, additional liquidity incentive programs, and additional trading discounts

Man that’s a lot! Now some of these may be new to you, but most likely aren’t.

But the newest update in KTC land is trKTC and I did promise you that we’d over this didn’t I?

trKTC: New Kid on the Block 👶

trKTC was introduced around the time of the Lunar New Year and has been bestowing blessings upon all those esKTC balances since then!

So what is trKTC?

It’s a utility token that offers accelerated vesting schedules into liquid KTC! This allows users to no longer be subjected to the 12 month full unlock schedule for esKTC!

Instead they get 2 different vesting options to choose from:

Accelerated Vesting 🚄

With this vesting option there are 2 requirements:

  1. 2 weeks vesting schedule
  2. 1 trKTC : 10 KTC (e.g. 1 trKTC requires 10 KTC to unlock

KTC stakers can use their staked KTC to unlock trKTC as well!

If the user stakes KTC less than 10 times the trKTC within the unlocking period, the vesting will be invalid.

Instant Redemption ☘️

If you’re the impatient type, this is the option for you.

This redemption option needs no additional requirements but has a different payoff structure!

To vest and claim 1 trKTC immediately, users will only receive 0.05 KTC per trKTC redeemed.

That’s it! Fairly simple no?

trKTC can be earned through unboxing blindbox rewards and these can be found by going here and scrolling down until you see Blindboxes!

Dencun Surge 🌊

What more can be said to put a bow on this that hasn’t already been said?

We’ve discussed utility, yields, and redeeming of escrowed rewards you’ve already been accruing. Surely there can’t be anything else?

That’s where you’re wrong!

Along with all the expansion plans we have, we love to run competitions for all our traders and our new one called Dencun Surge is no exception!

During the Dencun Surge, traders can earn boosted esKTC emissions if they’ve staked either KTC or KLP along with the prize pot of $100,000!

Earn all the various rewards, blindboxes, and emissions all by trading during these competitions while earning your share of the prize pot!

See, KTC even works for you during our events and competitions!!

Part of the Family 👪

Being a KTC holder also gives you special privileges that other projects won’t give you!

We consider every KTC holder to be a part of the family but for those that go above and beyond in their conviction for KTX, we have some special gifts for you.

For those holding at least 10k KTC, you’ll get:

  • A direct line of communication to the core team
  • Opportunity to do OTC deals, additional liquidity incentive programs, and additional trading discounts

It’s a small token of gratitude for those who’ve believed in us so heavily, but we value your input nonetheless!

Wrapping Up 🎁

After reading this Hitchhiker’s Guide to the KTC Galaxy, you should be well equipped to make use of your knowledge and stockpile of KTC!

How many tokens can you own that work for you as hard as KTC is?!

We’ll keep crafting up new and exciting ways for you to utilize your KTC as best we can, along with broadening our horizons!

So stay tuned dear Reader, as we keep pushing up and to the right for the rest of this bull market!

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