Official Launch on Arbitrum 🔵

Going live in 3…2…1

We’re happy to announce that KTX.Finance is now live on Arbitrum!

Since our successful deployment on Mantle Network and BNB Chain, KTX.Finance has since achieved over $2.4B in cumulative trading volume, more than $6M in total value locked, and built a strong community of 24,200 users!

With our expansion to Arbitrum, we aim to continue crushing milestones and establish ourselves as the go-to multi-chain decentralized perpetual exchange. To get you kickstarted on our Arbitrum Journey, here are some ways you can participate early and reap attractive rewards:

1) Trade crypto assets from major to blue-chip alt pairs

-> Trade up to 100x leverage with seamless trading experience

-> Low flat fees of 0.08% on open and close fees

-> Multi-chart trading view, complex orders with one-click trades, and advanced trading tools

2) Deposit into KLP and earn sustainable high yield

-> Earn high yields paid out in $ETH and $esKTC without lock-up periods

-> Deposit and withdraw your LP position anytime, without impermanent loss

-> Get exposure to blue-chip assets in the KLP index

But that’s not all! Here’s a sneak peak on some exciting product features and campaigns in Feb 2024!

Upcoming Campaigns 🍾

1) KTX.Finance x Polyhedra Quest Campaigns

We are launching on Arbitrum with guns blazing! We’re teaming up with Polyhedra Network to deliver not just one but TWO campaigns for you to participate in!

🔗 Galxe Quest

We’re setting a USDT 1,000 Prize pool for our Galxe campaign from 31st Jan UTC+8, 8pm to 13th Feb UTC+8, 11.59pm! Complete simple tasks on Galxe and we will be picking 100 lucky participants who competed the quest through a raffle to receive a piece of the prize pool 😋

🔗Layer3 Campaign

Not forgetting our Layer3 Campaign (from 31st Jan UTC+8, 8pm to 13th Feb UTC+8, 11.59pm) for those who are just getting started on DeFi, there are easy-to-follow tasks to navigate KTX. Build your fundamentals on DeFi and earn Layer3 rewards today!

2) $KTC Staking Fee Rebates

Want to enjoy 30% rebates on your trading fees? Just stake your $KTC instead of holding them and you’ll be eligible to enjoy discounts off your trading fees in the form of rebates! On top of that, you get to enjoy staking yields from $KTC itself, so that’s double utility from just staking $KTC on Arbitrum. Here’s a breakdown of the criteria for Fee Rebates:

Full details to be announced soon 😋

3) KTX $trKTC Spring Festival

Tired of waiting for $esKTC to convert to liquid $KTC? In the month of the Lunar New Year, we’ll be launching $trKTC vaults which allows users to select from “Accelerated Vesting” or “Instant Redemption” options to obtain $KTC!

Full details to be announced soon so get ready to hold some heavy bags 💰

So there you have it! We are excited to have received the warm welcome from the Arbitrum Ecosystem and will continue to deliver the best trading experience to our users. We’ll see you soon!

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