Merchant Moe KTC/MNT Farms 🧑‍🌾

DeFi Strategy Series #1

Hey Anon yield farmer, have you been keeping up with new yield and launches taking place on Mantle? 🧺

Well, we got just the right recommendation for you! Introducing the $KTC/$MNT farm right here on Merchant Moe. The $KTC/$MNT farm is now sitting as the second-highest farming APR at 212% APR!

First up, let us tell you more about our friends over at Merchant Moe. The jolly bearded men at Moe has accrued over $18M in Total Value Locked within a month of launch.

By being adding liquidity into the $KTC/$MNT pool, you’ll be able to get great $MNT and Mantle ecosystem exposure in one LP while earning great yield at the same time! Here’s how 👇

1️⃣ Swap for some $MNT and $KTC in your wallet on Merchant Moe!

2️⃣ Head to the $KTC/$MNT pool and add liquidity to it. In exchange, you will receive $moeLP tokens

3️⃣ You will be able to use your $moeLP to farm for high $MOE rewards

But wait, that’s not all folks! You can collect your $MOE rewards and stake it for even more $MOE!

There you have it, get your skin in the game in Merchant Moe’s $KTC/$MNT pool now! Merchant Moe also plays a big role for users to grab $KTC, and thus deepening that liquidity & strengthening the bonds between us fellow Mantle projects!

Don’t fade the Mantle ecosystem 😉 Check out what the guys at Merchant Moe are cooking up here!

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