Mantle User Onboarding Programme

After KTX.Finance Incentivized Mantle Testnet was launched on the 23rd of August 2023 GMT+8, the protocol sees more than 700 Early Testers having to try out our Mantle Testnet. More than 100 Early Testers gave their genuine and valid feedback and suggestions. The strong community feedback is a strong morale boost for the KTX.Finance team as this is our first cross-chain effort. We have also included a few exciting features such as Complex Orders contract and UI and WETH rewards contract deployment which many had tested.

KTX.Finance is one of the selected Mantle Ecosystem partners to be in the Mantle Journey Program. Mantle Journey is an open-access and fair incentive program designed to distribute rewards to Mantle users.

Mainnet launch is scheduled to be on the 6th of September 2023 0000H GMT+8. KTX.Finance will be the FIRST perpetual DEX having to launch on Mantle Mainnet!

To bridge assets to Mantle Mainnet, please read our doc here.

Mantle User Onboarding Programme

To incentivize our users to bridge funds to Mantle and to trade and interact with KTX.Finance, we are rolling out a Mantle User Onboarding Programme. There will be a $MNT pool that scales according to the number of users who join. The incentive is given to the first 500 users so the fastest finger first. The dashboard is on the “Rewards” page. The entire programme will end by the end of October 2023! Rewards will be distributed based on your Trader’s individual trading points (weighted distribution).

Disclaimer: A valid participant is one who has >5000 trading points.

The trading points can be calculated as follows:

Trading points = (1 + ROI%) * Cumulative Trading Volume * $KTC Multiplier

To get $KTC Multiplier, one will need to buy and stake $KTC.

Read here to find out how you can buy $KTC.

Read here to find out how you can stretch your $KTC benefits.

Become a follower of our mission to decentralize perpetual trading!

You are still early! Trade more, socialize more, refer more and participate more and you will stand to benefit in our ecosystem as KTX.Finance grows to be one of the best DEX in DeFi.

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