KTX.Finance’s Genesis Airdrop Completed on BNB Chain! 🪂

Presenting the Key Highlights of our Genesis Airdrop

We are pleased to inform you that the distribution of $KTC rewards from our Genesis Airdrop has been successfully completed for all eligible users. A total of 100,000 $KTC has been disbursed to 1,183 highly dedicated community members who have demonstrated unwavering support since our inception. As we reflect on the remarkable journey since the launch of our Mainnet launch on BNB Chain, we eagerly anticipate achieving new milestones alongside our community.

So now that you’ve received your $KTC airdrop rewards, what do you do with it? Don’t waste this opportunity to earn passive $KTC staking yield of 113% (with 109% given out in $ETH) on Mantle! Not sure how you can do that? You can now bridge your $KTC funds seamlessly using zkBridge, powered by Polyhedra Network! Simply head over to zkBridge and bridge away! Refer to our medium article on our partnership with Polyhedra Network to learn more.

Genesis Airdrop Scorecard

For details on how your $KTC allocation was determined, please refer to our Genesis Airdrop Scorecard guide below:

1. The amount of $KTC you receive will be proportional to the amount of points you have, as a fraction cumulative points of all eligible KTX users

2. Scorecard of activities we use to determine our most loyal users:

1️⃣ Trading Activity

2️⃣ Referrals

3️⃣ Hodling $KTC

4️⃣ Hodling $KLP

Thanks for sticking around till the end! Guess what? We’ve got another airdrop coming up for our awesome Mantle users. And just between us, it’s gonna be big and super exciting, so don’t miss out on this opportunity to receive more juicy rewards. Catch you in the next update!

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