KTX.Finance x Zealy Sprint! 🏰

Learn about KTX.Finance and win prizes!

Greetings to our vibrant community! We are thrilled to usher you into our 2nd quest adventure in partnership with Zealy, a pioneering engagement platform for web3 communities. It’s a place where you can submit your accomplished social missions and reap rewards! Zealy’s quests are our way of appreciating and recognizing your consistent involvement and valuable contribution to KTX.Finance 💖

KTX.Finance is excited to invite our community to participate in a 5-week quest-based Sprint Campaign with Zealy where you can complete tasks, earn XP, and compete within the leaderboard.

⏰ The Zealy campaign will last from 28th Nov to 26th Dec 2023 9pm UTC+8.

💰 Total prize pool: $2,000 in $USDT tokens for Top 100 positions.

🏆Rewards are distributed on the official Zealy Leaderboard as follows:

How to get involved?

Wondering how to jump in? It’s easier than you might think. No new Zealy user accounts are needed; you can simply get started with your existing accounts. Here’s the drill:

Every mission you accomplish fetches you some XPs, the amount determined by the complexity of the quest. At any given moment, there is an array of quests up for grabs, from simple ones like following us on Twitter or retweeting our tweets, to more engaging challenges such as composing a thread or an article about KTX.Finance. The quests come in various categories:

  • Kick-off/easy-quests
  • Social media engagement
  • Content-creation
  • On-chain tasks
  • Inviting friends and followers, and more

We’ll regularly throw in new quests to ensure the excitement doesn’t fade, offering you endless opportunities to earn rewards and have a blast contributing to the community. Let’s get started, shall we?

Happy XP questing!

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