KTX.Finance x Timeswap Partnership

Pioneering Timeswap’s MNT/KTC pool on Mantle Network

Hey guys, we’re excited to announce a strategic partnership with Timeswap on Mantle Network!

Timeswap is the first oracleless lending/borrowing protocol that is currently live across Arbitrum, Mantle, Polygon PoS, Polygon zkEVM and Base. Timeswap revolutionises the DeFi lending/borrowing landscape by offering a fully decentralized protocol that operates without oracles or governance. Some of its key features include:

  • Non-liquidatable loans: Borrowers in Timeswap enjoy the security of non-liquidatable loans. This means they can borrow against their token holdings without the constant need for active loan management. In the event of failure to repay the loan before maturity, the collateral provided by the borrower will be forfeited.
  • Flexible withdrawals: Lenders, borrowers and liquidity providers can exit from their positions early.
  • Market-driven interest rates: Interest rates in Timeswap is determined by the free market through a generalized AMM (inspired by Uniswap V2’s x*y=k AMM), no historical data is stored in the AMM, resulting in unbiased interest rates.
  • Isolated markets: All lending/borrowing pools in Timeswap are isolated from one another, this ensures that each risks are contained within a pool and participants of a pool is not affected by the outcome of another.
  • Overcollateralised loans: Timeswap’s design of states and adoption of arbitrage ensures that at any given time and price, borrowers cannot obtain undercollateralised loans. This ensures security and stability to the lenders.

KTX.Finance x Timeswap

In collaboration with KTX, Timeswap is launching a new MNT/KTC lending pool on Mantle Network. This new lending strategy opens up a plethora of Defi strategies on Mantle. But first, let’s understand how it works:

Market Participants:

1. Borrowers
Borrowers have the opportunity to utilize their $KTC holdings as collateral, unlocking the potential to secure loans in $MNT. This adds another avenue for borrowers to explore new avenues of accessing $MNT within the Mantle Network ecosystem. There is a wide array of opportunities to put your $MNT to work, which include, locking $MNT on Mantle Rewards Station, earn high farming yields by depositing $MNT liquidity on Merchant Moe’s MNT pools, and many others.

2. Lenders
Lenders can lend out $MNT to borrowers, earning them a sustainable & attractive lending APRs in return.

3. LPs (Liquidity Providers)
Serving as indispensable counterparts in the lending process, LPs facilitate transactions between lenders and borrowers. By providing liquidity, LPs stand to benefit from transaction fees generated by both lenders and borrowers, enhancing their engagement within the ecosystem.

Enriched Utility for $KTC Holders:

The launch of the MNT/KTC pool opens up another crucial utility for $KTC holders to access more $MNT, positioning the token as a coveted blue-chip collateral asset on the Mantle network. We couldn’t be happier to partner with a sophisticated and inclusive platform like Timeswap for participants to engage seamlessly in borrowing and lending activities within the Mantle Network ecosystem.

Upcoming Roadmap for Timeswap

Money can’t buy you time, but it sure can get you some $TIME

If you visit Timeswap, you will notice that they are ramping up towards the TGE of their $TIME token. A particular birdie told us that it’ll be one going off with a bang alongside some notable partners. There are currently live pools on Timeswap that are boosted with $TIME emissions so hurry on to Timeswap to start farming!

With that, we hope our partnership with Timeswap brings more excitement for our community in the ever-expanding utility of $KTC. Shipping you some new exciting new updates soon~

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