KTX.Finance Traders Pulse 📈

March 2024 Edition


  • Surpassing our Limits! We passed over $4B in total trading volume! 💰
  • Fee generating machine! Over $3.4M in total fees generated by the protocol!
  • Updates, contests, and more!

The Halving 📈

Well, that’s another month down, which means another month closer to the Bitcoin Halving! We are just a few weeks out from this even occurring and bringing even more fire to the rocket that is Crypto.

Participants are waiting with bated breath to see what happens, and in the meantime we’ve had numerous other things to occupy our minds!

We’ve got plenty of things to go over today including some legendary stats, some new contests, and some upgrades we’ve made to the KTX UI!

Take a breather from your memecoin degeneracy and dive into some good ole fashioned monthly recaps from yours truly!

KTX Stats 🧮

Nothing quite like hitting milestones month after month, let us tell you!

KTX has achieved more than $4b in total trading volume, $9.8m in TVL, and over $3.5m in fees generated! Those are humbling numbers and we look forward to continuing to build on that!

March was a solid month across the board so let’s jump into the numbers to see how each chain deployment did!

Mantle Stats 📈

  • March TVL — $5.5M
  • March Volume — $475M
  • March Fees — $403K

BSC Stats 🟡

  • March TVL — $1.4M
  • March Volume — $106M
  • March Fees — $150K

Arbitrum Stats 📊

  • March TVL — $3.6M
  • March Volume — $292M
  • March Fees — $253K

KTC Updates 💻

The markets aren’t the only thing that deserve updates now are they? KTX is constantly looking for ways to improve the overall experience for every user and we’ve made some strides in creating that.

Recently we gave the landing page a facelift, to bring it more in line with the best decentralized gamified trading experience that we could craft.

Here’s what it looks like:

Doesn’t that look awesome!?

Our designers didn’t stop there though, as they created a graphic that shows how the KLP pool works. If you’re wondering how to get the real yield and blue chip exposure that KLP gives you, then you need to check this out:

While our landing page was getting its hair done, we also upgraded our UI/UX for our traders!

In an effort to keep everything fresh while providing the latest and greatest to our traders, we added in key parameters of their trades!

Now you can see your entry, take profit, and stop loss levels automatically on our charts, so you never lose track of your trades again.

Referral Mania 🎉

This past month has been about making things as easy as possible for all our users, and our Referral Mania is no exception!

What is Referral Mania?

Well now instead of having a referral code for each chain that KTX is live on, now you can have one simple omnichain referral code! We also tweaked the mechanism underneath our referrals to make things simpler and more attractive for our users.

All users now start on the same referral tier and enjoy some cool benefits:

  • Referrers get 10% of the referred users’ fees and referred users receive a 5% trading discount.
  • An invite-only Affiliate Program will be launched with a substantial cut to fees referred to top performers of Referral Mania.

In order to avoid sybilling or inorganic referrals, generating your own unique referral link will require one of 2 criteria to be met:

  1. Cumulative Trading Volume of at least $10,000 OR
  2. Staking at least 100 KTC tokens

Blast Off 🚀

It wouldn’t be a recap article if we didn’t speak about one of our trading competitions now would it?

This time, in celebration of the Dencun Upgrade on Ethereum, we had the Dencun Surge competition. This competition ran from March 21st to April 4th with a prize pot sitting at over $100,000!

During this competition users were competing in a Scalping Prize Pool and a Top Profit/Loss Pool to earn their share of the prize pot.

Now if you were a KTC staker you would also receive the trading discounts of up to 30%, and extra esKTC yield as esKTC emissions were boosted during this competition!

Seems like benefits just keep stacking up for the KTC stakers huh?

On the Horizon 🌄

So what’s next for KTX heading into the Halving Month?

Well like everyone else, we’ll be actively watching what happens to the markets after and preparing for what is hopefully an intense bull market for Crypto!

But as always, we’re scouring for more planets to conquer, ummm we mean chains to launch on while continuously improving on our platform for all our users.

Stay tuned to our official channels for all our announcements, and don’t blink or you might miss something!

Connect with KTX.Finance to stay updated always!

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