KTX.Finance Traders Pulse 📈

February 2024 Edition


  • Milestone Masters! We passed over $2M in total fees generated! 💰
  • Hyuuuuuge news! We launched over on Arbitrum and we brought a new KLP composition with us 👀
  • Traders aplenty! Almost $1B in volume done on Mantle during January!
  • Arbitrum started off strong too with over $90M in volume since launch!
  • New partnership! Joined forces with Vaultka!

Year of the Dragon 🐉

What a great mascot we have for this upcoming year in Crypto. Nothing like a creature defined by its dominance, its raw power to make you feel empowered as a Hodler. Plus dragons > bears every time.

Bitcoin has given us all something to be happy about this year and has been a dream for people to trade. Since the turn of the year, Bitcoin took a small detour under 40K and has since erupted all the way to over 50k! This was due in no small part to the BTC inflows from the ETF, totaling over roughly $2.8B in BTC being bought by the ETF companies.

With the king leading the way, everyone’s sentiments seem set permanently on bullish for the rest of the year! It’s a great time to innovate and be an active presence in crypto, which is always our goal!

So let’s dive into what we’ve done so far to start off this Year of the Dragon!

KTX Stats 🧮

It’s always a great way to start off any year when we can see consistent growth in volume for all chains! Mantle has really been slugging like a heavyweight, but we started to see Arbitrum shine once KTX was up and running over on their chain. Not to mention, BSC is staying strong and steady since the new year!

Let’s get into the numbers before going any further!

Mantle Stats 📈

  • February TVL — $4.9M
  • February Volume — $500M
  • February Fees — $400K

BSC Stats 🟡

  • February TVL — $1.2M
  • February Volume — $35M
  • February Fees — $28K

Arbitrum Stats 📊

  • February TVL — $3.3M
  • February Volume — $175M
  • February Fees — $150K

KTC Updates 💻

We kicked off this Lunar New Year with a bang by launching on Arbitrum! But with that launch came something new for KTC holders and enthusiasts, trKTC.

trKTC is a brand new utility token and another way for users to acquire liquid KTC. trKTC gives you the ability to get accelerated vesting and instant redemption.

Accelerated Vesting:

  1. 2 weeks vesting schedule
  2. 1 trKTC : 10 KTC (to vest 1 trKTC into 1 KTC, users must stake 10 KTC for 2 weeks)

Or you can go the route of Instant Redemption.

Instant Redemption:

  1. To vest and claim 1 $trKTC immediately, users will only receive 0.05 $KTC per $trKTC redeemed.

Now how do you acquire this trKTC? Blindboxes of course! trKTC has now been added to the blindboxes’ pool of rewards.

As you’re likely familiar with Blindboxes (if not check our Medium and read up on it) we won’t go too in-depth on it, but we will give out an easy strategy.

Stake KTC! It is that simple anon.

Here are the benefits of doing this and what you could earn on top of the APY:

1. Staked KTC earns points in a tiered system where 1K of staked KTC earns you 5 points towards Blindboxes, with 5 points being enough to open a box.

2. Staking KTC can give you up to 30% of trading fee rebates on KTX! There are 3 tiers for staking with each tier giving a different level of fee rebates depending on how much KTC is staked.

3. Staking KTC on Arbitrum is currently netting over 500% APR 🤯

That’s 3 distinct ways to earn with your staked KTC! From prizes, to shaving off costs for traders, to earning high-level APR paid out in wETH and esKTC!

Arbitrum Launch 🚀

Starting off Jan. 31st, we launched on one of the biggest L2s in all of Crypto: Arbitrum!

Arbitrum is a great place to continue spreading our ETH based expansions after Mantle, which has been a great success!

Arbitrum has an already robust Defi ecosystem and numerous protocols that are solid choices to potentially work and integrate with. This move to the blue chain has also given us a chance to bring a new KLP composition to the world.

New KLP Composition 🔢

  • 40% USDC
  • 30% BTC
  • 17% ETH
  • 10% USDC.e/USDC
  • 1% SOL
  • 1% ARB
  • 1% LINK

Why did we choose the tokens that we did for this iteration of KLP? For one, most GLP token models have outdated assets in their composition, using assets like UNI along with a higher allocation to stablecoins.

We wanted a way for users to still get access to the OGs of Crypto like BTC/ETH/LINK, a solid stablecoin in USDC, and get exposure to newer blue chips like ARB and SOL. It’s been hard to find tokens that get talked about more that aren’t SOL, ARB, and LINK when discussing the next generation of blue chips and we feel the same.

If you’re a fan of the GLP model but you want exposure to better tokens, then come to Arbitrum and give KLP a shot!

Partnerships 🤝

In the past few months we’ve done many different partnerships with various protocols across a number of chains! One partner goes across all these multitudes of chains as well, Pyth Network!

Pyth Network 🟪

Pyth is known as a cross-chain oracle provider supporting a lot of top tier protocols, and also for having a large airdrop on Solana. And lucky for us, KTX was selected as a recipient for PYTH tokens as part of their Retrospective Airdrop Program for Dapps.

These tokens will be used in several trading-focused campaigns (coming soon) on Mantle that will help reward users utilizing Pyth’s price feeds and KTX’s trading interface. So keep an eye out for these campaigns to get your share of PYTH tokens!

Vaultka 🍷

To cap off our Arbitrum move, we wanted to get the ecosystem used to seeing our faces so we partnered up to launch a new vault with the premier DEX hub on Arbitrum!

If you’re unaware of who Vaultka is, they specialize in a few different things:

  1. LP Optimization
  2. Index Investment
  3. Stablecoin Lending

Our new vault, the KLP Leverage Vault, did incredibly well on its launch day! We saw over $200,000 of TVL in just 24 hours! This vault allows you to leverage your KLP yield all the way up to 10x! (Use leverage wisely)

This integration is just the start for us for integrations on Arbitrum! More coming soon 👀

Campaigns 🎆

One of our favorite things to do as a protocol is to run various campaigns for all our users. Everyone likes to compete and win money, and EVERYONE loves free money. So we tend to try and run campaigns fairly often to keep Defi fun, like we did here with:

Red Packet Giveaway 🧧

This was a giveaway to help celebrate the New Year with our friends over at Mantle Network! The Mantle Dragon Red Packet Giveaway was a chance for 10,000 users to get MNT, KTC, or MDRAGON tokens.

The best part about this giveaway? All you had to do was Like/RT a post and you were a lucky winner for free money!

KTX Jurassic World 🦕

Ever wanted to learn more about your favorite protocol while earning various perks at the same time?

Welcome to our Jurassic World and the Discord tiers that we’ve made for you guys to have fun in Discord while getting some extra benefits for doing so!

There are 3 different tiers for you to aspire towards: Eggie, Hatchling, and Predator. Each come with their own perks and conditions which can be seen in the graphic below.

On the Horizon 🌄

Now that the cat is out of the bag about our Arbitrum announcement, where do we go from here? Well the goal is to ingrain ourselves deeper into the Arbitrum ecosystem and bring more partnerships and more opportunities to KTX.

These will help spread KTC/KLP far and wide while also continually bringing more utility to these tokens. This allows anyone the flexibility to use KTC/KLP in varied ways on multiple chains, giving them the freedom to find the best yields.

Keep an eye on our socials as well so you don’t miss out on any announcements and upcoming competitions/campaigns!

Connect with KTX.Finance to stay updated always!

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