$KTC Staking Fee Rebates 🎫

Stake and enjoy massive trading discounts!

Hey KTX Community, we are delighted to share an additional utility for $KTC! Staking $KTC now gives you up to a whopping 30% trading fee rebate on all your trading activity on KTX.Finance! You can now qualify for each trading rebate tier by staking the required $KTC amount.

Your VIP tier level will be evaluated weekly based on your avg. daily balance of staked $KTC.

How to participate?

1) Head over to “Earn” Page and scroll down to “$KTC Staking Benefits”

After staking your $KTC for at least 7 days, you can enjoy up to 30% trading fee rebates on all of your trading activity on KTX.Finance. On top of that, you are also receiving $KTC staking yield!

2) Hop over to the “Trade” Page and start trading

3) Head back to the “Earn” Page to check your rebates and history log

With that, happy staking and we’ll see you at the top!

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