Introducing Discord Tiers 📣

Journey through an Eggie to the Predator

Hey Rexys, welcome to “KTX Jurassic Web3 World”! Participate in our discord activities and begin your journey to become the apex predator! Our Discord community members can now learn all about KTX.Finance while having access to exclusive community perks! Ready to dive into perks? 👇

Discord Tiers🦖

Tier 1: Eggie

Activities & perks:
- Chat, daily crypto news, latest protocol announcements
- Eggie-level discord campaigns and prizes

Tier 2: Hatchling

Activities & perks:
- Hatchling-gated chatroom, early access to new KTX Defi strategies & announcements
- Subsidy of first losing trade
- Hatchling multiplier to all protocol campaigns & rewards

Tier 3: Predator

Activities & perks:
- Predator-gated chatroom, early access to new KTX defi strategies & announcements
- Highest affiliate and trading fee rebates
- One-to-one calls with KTX core team
- Over-the-counter deals
- Participate in governance proposals

How to get promoted? 🆙

From Eggie to Hatchling:

Join our Guild to start collecting different roles and get promoted to Eggie to hatchling. Collect the following roles to get Hatchling role:

  • Visit “# ┊roles” channel on our discord to know about different roles & how to get those.

Once you collect any 4 of the required roles like Twitter Fam, KTX Degen, Eggie Yield Farmer, Rexxie Trader, Rexxie Yield Farmer, Rexxie Degen etc to get promoted from Eggie to Hatchling!

After Collecting the roles from guild, go back to our discord server and click the “Join KTX.Finance” button from the “role-selection” channel to verify and get Hatchling role on discord.

From Hatchling to Predator:
Getting promoted from hatchling to Predator tier is super easy. All you need to stake 10,000 $KTC Token Staking or minted at least $KLP Token and having $10M referral trading volume.

If you meet the criteria, kindly create a ticket from “Core Support” Channel to get promoted into Predator!

There you have it! We are excited to onboard you to Eggies and Hatchling to our Discord and start accessing exclusive community perks! Hope you are ready for campaigns with attractive prizes because they are coming really soon 🦖

Connect with KTX.Finance to stay updated always!

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