Happy $trKTC Spring Festival! 🀄

Trade & earn $trKTC as instant rewards!

Happy Spring Festival fam! In the spirit of the Lunar New Year, we are introducing $trKTC, a newly launched utility token that offers accelerated vesting schedules into liquid $KTC! Through this, users would no long be subjected to the 12-months full unlock schedule for $esKTC but instead be able to select from 2 vesting options to $KTC. Ready to dive into what you can do with $trKTC? Let’s go 👇

$trKTC Spring Festival

1) Accelerated Vesting 🚗

For the Accelerated Vesting option, the vesting requirements are:

  • 2 weeks vesting schedule
  • 1 $trKTC : 10 $KTC (e.g. 1 $trKTC requires 10 $KTC to unlock)

Users can also use staked KTC to unlock trKTC. If the user stakes KTC less than 10 times the $trKTC within the unlocking period, vesting will be invalid.

2) Instant Redemption ⏰

For the Instant Redemption option, there are no additional requirements but the payoff structure is as follows:

  • To vest and claim 1 $trKTC immediately, users will only receive 0.05 $KTC per $trKTC redeemed.

There you go it’s as simple as that! You can now get your hands on $trKTC through unboxing blindbox rewards!

How to participate?

1) Head over to the “Rewards” and unbox your daily blindbox rewards!
$trKTC has been added to one of the eligible prizes to be won

For the updated probability breakdown of each type of prize, please refer to the table below

2) If you won yourself some $trKTC, simply scroll up on “Rewards” page to chose between “Vesting” and “Redemption”

Thanks for reading till the end, and the KTX team wishes everyone a prosperous Lunar New Year!

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